Villa Monsoglio deserves the best and we have tried to do our best to give it all the honor and sparkle it deserves!
We started by redesigning the logo: we wanted to stress the noble origins of the place and of the family that purchased it, and so we highlighted the coronet from old coat of arms…but something was still needed to give it the young and modern imprint that it has today. In the new logo, the M of Monsoglio has a gold flourish to emphasize its uniqueness.

Obviously, a place like this has to be presented by fantastic videos and pictures that will leave you breathless and make people want to visit the estate – even if only once. Photographers, directors and drones with cameras moved into the gardens, the rooms and the surrounding land to capture all of the “hidden corners” and the most fascinating details of the place. The results are truly outstanding: the video is a thrilling mini-film that perfectly depicts the place and the still photos do justice to its fantastic beauty!

Then, we had to have a fine site that to carry our important message. We created a beautiful, rich, helpful and, above all, functional website which in addition to showcasing the villa, is a working tool and databank containing lots of helpful information.
The results have surpassed our expectations…there are many details, interesting historical notes, well-written descriptions and images that bring out all of the property’s enormous potential.

Then, to introduce ourselves properly to clients and suppliers we could not do without very professional – and elegant – calling cards that do justice to the style of the site and the estate…
And last, but definitely not least, we have prepared brochures (that will soon be available for download on our website), that were designed by brilliant professionals to reveal all the unique aspects of Villa Monsoglio.
They were designed to astound…to be remembered…to present an image of a place that is both a dream and a reality.

This is what we have done up to now, but there is still a great deal left to do to promote our location: to make it known, to take our message to fairs, to magazines, wedding- and event-planning agencies.
Villa Monsoglio has to live and be filled with people, joy, laughter, beautiful decorations, the fragrance of flowers, lights, music and everything that is beautiful, making it even more unique than it already is!

P.S: I would like to thank all the professionals who have advised and helped us, and created the logo, website an promotional materials…thank you, thank you, and thank you for having believed in this wonderful project with us!

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