The Villa

The Ideal Setting


Looking at Villa Monsoglio today, we see a fantastic location that has maintained intact the style of a late sixteenth-century estate nestled in the Tuscan countryside, just a short distance from Arezzo.

The conservative restoration conducted by architect Guido Ferroni, under the supervision of the Soprintendenza dei beni artistici ed architettonici of the Province of Arezzo lasted for 6 years (2005-2011) and involved the entire estate. The magnificent frescoes inside the rooms were restored to their original splendor, as were the outdoor areas.


Villa Monsoglio was built according to a late sixteenth-century plan typical of Bernardo Buontalenti’s designs: in fact Buontalenti was in the Laterina area in 1573-74 restoring the Romito. The major changes to the outside and inside of the villa date from the seventeenth century. These include the construction of the monumental staircase on the façade and the frescoes in the rooms, painted by Atanasio Bimbacci and his assistants. Bimbacci also painted a veduta of the villa in the main room, which, even today is one of the finest renderings of Monsoglio.


The precious frescoes of the internal rooms of the villa have been restored to their original splendor, as have the marvelous spaces of the exterior. Beyond the state rooms available to clients and guests on the piano nobile, the large Italian garden located at the rear of the villa, the tree-lined entrance road, the front garden that leads to Buontalenti’s monumental stairs and the graceful chapel of the villa (which are decorated with paintings by the Marchese Francesco da Cepperello Pasquali, the great-grandfather of the current owner) are of particular picturesque quality.

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