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Not everybody knows that the legendary house where Pieraccioni’s movie Il Ciclone (The Cyclone) was filmed in 1996 is just a stone’s throw away from Villa Monsoglio…and that’s not all…it is one of the six farmhouses that belong to the surrounding estate.
Everyone will remember this amusing movie about a group of Spanish dancers who show up at the farmhouse and turn the heads of both the men and women …where Pieraccioni crashes his Motobecane 50V Type Luxe motor scooter underneath the loggia… and the wonderful views of fields filled with sunflowers in bloom and the voice of Gino (Mario Monicelli) in the distance …

Twenty years have already passed since the film sold out movie theaters becoming an amazing laughter-filled box office success.
The Tuscan sense of humor combined with Spanish beauty and the genuine nature of the story and sentiments portrayed made this a cult movie for our generation.

Around this time in July, twenty years ago, the scenes were filmed at Giuncaia which is the most representative of all the farmhouses, alongside the splendid villa of the estate that is owned by the heirs of the Marquises of Cepperello Pasquali.
In order to pay tribute to the movie and its success, Bruno Santini and Leonardo Scucchi of Image Project (he played the mayor of Levane in the movie) are making a documentary which features contributions from the actors. Guided by a long interview with Leonardo Pieraccioni, we will be reunited with the protagonists who recall the shooting of the movie, offering anecdotes and interesting facts and also analyzing the movie’s success.

And, to pay homage to the beauty and style of the farmhouse, in September work will begin on renovating Giuncaia which will be turned into a splendid luxury villa with swimming pool.
It will be able to host 20-24 people and will be rented out to tourists and also offer accommodation to guests attending events and weddings held at Villa Monsoglio.

Who knows, maybe the rooms will be named after the protagonists of the famous movie and Leonardo Pieraccioni may decide to film a sequel…twenty years laterY

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