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Even though it is more than four hundred years old, Villa Monsoglio is still a “novelty” when it comes to the wedding and special-event scenario!
The villa has been extensively remodeled and now, just over a year since the work was completed, it is ready to host any type of event. And indeed, it has: during the first eighteen months it has been the venue for some truly unconventional weddings …

Last April, with rain pouring down outside, a group of masqueraders appeared in the marvelous frescoed rooms to enliven and embellish the wedding festivities. They wore costumes that are used during the annual Carnevale dei Figli di Bocco that is held at Castiglion Fibocchi, a village near Villa Monsoglio.
Helping to continue an old tradition year after year, the ladies of the village sew, mend and embellish the costumes and the masks.

Another splendid wedding in May was luckier when it came to the weather! The Italian garden of Villa Monsoglio was the setting for a performance by a young ensemble called Parolabianca. Their combination of dance, music and acrobatics added a touch of enchantment to that special day.
In addition to dancing, and performing on stilts with ethereal wings, the actors gave all the guests tiny messages with words of wisdom, positive thoughts and good wishes.

In June, our “street artists” – two very talented young people – sat at their easels and drew charcoal portraits and caricatures of the guests: a novel souvenir to take home instead of the usual wedding favors with sugar coated almonds!

In September, towards the end of our first full season, it was the famous Flag-Wavers of Arezzo who formed an arch of flags for the bride and groom and then showed all their skills with a spectacular performance in front of the Buontalenti staircase. It was something that awed the guests and took the villa back in time …

We are truly satisfied with the events we hosted, and especially the weddings with those extra touches that made them unique, a day that all, bride, groom and the guests will treasure forever!

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