After the Congress

After the Congress

One month has already passed since the end of the DWP congress which was held in our very own Firenze on April 11-13, 2016. They were interesting, intense, fatiguing but also fun and instructive days.
We met with the most famous and best wedding planners of the world, who have married stars, royalty and sultans. We also became acquainted with those who do this work for all the other couples who dream of an unforgettable wedding day.

It was an extremely positive experience for me, to meet people from every part of the world. The different languages, customs, styles of dressing and diverse habits, gave me an appreciation for diversity and how other event planning differs culturally from ours.  It opened my mind to have a more flexible and extensive vision of the future.

Flexibility is the key word that resonated throughout the Congress’ discussions:  wedding planners must be flexible to carry-out and please all the desires of the couple and resolve problems as they arise.

I believe not only the wedding planner, but everyone involved in the event, including the couple, should be unconditionally flexible. This would allow an openness amongst people, which would in turn allow more freedom to change and improve the event.  A better outcome would be certainly be the result.

During the Congress there were numerous discussions, meetings and exchanges of ideas.  We also attended parties and dinners at various beautiful locations, always with the presence of delicious food.  In short, it was the perfect combination of work and public relations.

It is our hope that this Congress will bring many marriages and events from every part of the world to Villa Monsoglio.  We wish that the Villa will remain in the hearts of those who met us and they will choose Villa Monsoglio as the ideal location, to give each couple the happiest day of their lives.

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