It was a very good year, 2017 that is, for Villa Monsoglio.
In addition to weddings and events, the villa’s facilities were also used for very different, very interesting, and very special photo shoots.

The first was a delightful project with an extremely professional and highly motivated crew who made Villa Monsoglio a star for a day.
We organized a photo shoot trying to highlight all the details of a wedding that are essential to the success of a magical and unforgettable day.
The photographer captured a couple as they moved through the villa’s rooms and the magnificent Italian garden. The “bride” wore beautiful gowns created by an atelier specializing in wedding dresses.
The intimate and harmonious pictures show the villa in all of its beauty.
Then we created different table settings for all tastes: lavish, or romantic with touches of autumn, and classically elegant that recalls days of old…
We all worked together so that each detail was unique and able to make a real difference – and that is exactly what has to be done when organizing a real wedding!

Another shoot was dedicated to a very young and very talented footwear designer, Chiara Cesaraccio, who chose Villa Monsoglio as the showcase for her fantastic and luxurious shoes. We were fascinated from the start because we were able to see the villa through different eyes.
Photographer Stefano Casati did an excellent job highlighting both the shoes and the location.
Beautiful models brought the rooms to life, making the villa itself a “Cinderella for a day”!

On both occasions I could see that the villa can be the perfect venue for many different events and situations. Its beauty, grace and majesty guarantee exclusivity and true luxury, making it the perfect stage for all “actors” who want something uniquely special.


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